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International Judge "Judge and Breeder of the Year"

"WHAT LIES BENEATH- what everyone should know about skeletal and muscular structure, soundness and function." Presented by Bill Shelton, Coventry PWC. Have you ever wondered what exactly a judge was feeling for when they examine your Conformation corgi? Have you ever thought what makes a corgi stay sound through years of training for performance? How can you better train yourself to identify sound structure and type for what YOU want in a corgi? Well this is the seminar for you! This educational opportunity will incorporate both a visual presentation (lecture) segment and a demonstration (hands on) segment. Space will be limited so sign up early!

Bill has been an enthusiast of all things associated with canines since a young boy. This infatuation led him early on to the sport of purebred dogs, and the ideal of creating a happier, healthier dog , bred for a specific type and purpose. His interest has never been a casual one. Bill writes for a variety of dog publications today including Dog News. He has lectured in many places around the world on a number of topics relating to the preservation of purebred dogs, and the breeders who purposefully breed them. Bill teaches a course on anatomy and examination skills at AKC judges institutes and has also presented various lectures on the art and science of creating a family of dogs; for AKC, other kennel clubs and a number of national parent clubs. As a young boy he exhibited in conformation, and obedience dog events. The training of dogs led him to a relationship and associate with Bill Koehler, author, and trainer of the Walt Disney motion picture animals, particularly dogs.

Nancy Brandt

Over the years his interest grew towards the creation of dogs, and the exhibition and evaluation of breeding stock. He was first liscenced as a professional AKC dog handler in 1978. Where he would enjoy a lively, and successful career for several decades. This vocation led Bill to the progression of becoming an evaluator of breeding stock. He has had the privilege to judge around the world, at all breeds event, and numerous specialty shows as well. He's judged the World dog show, AKC Invitatiinal, Westminster K.C. Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, among others. Bill was honored to be recognized As "Judge of the year" by Dogs in Review, Dog News, at the annual Purina awards in 2016. The Coventry breeding program, Coventry, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, has been a decades long passion, and has been recognized not on one occasion,but twice by Dog Review and Dog News. The Coventry PWC program was recognized at the prestigious annual Purina awards, as "Breeder of the Year", and also by the AKC as "Herding Group Breeder of the Year- 2018." Cost. $15.00 per person We will be offering a selection of coffee, tea and desserts to those attending.

National Animal Interest Alliance

Her articles and views on animal welfare, public policy and animal rights have appeared in a wide variety of trade, professional and scientific magazines and lay publications, ranging from the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and the Washington Post to the AKC Gazette, Veterinary Forum, Wall Street Journal and the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. She’s been a guest expert and panelist on dozens of radio talk shows including National Public Radio, the BBC and CBC; TV news shows including NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, and has been a featured speaker at conferences for zoos, state and national veterinary groups, physician groups, lab animal scientists, kennel clubs and federations; and agricultural, hunting and humane associations

Patti Strand is one of the most noteworthy animal welfare & animal care advocates in the United States. She is actively involved in numerous animal organizations and some of her contributions and achievements are:

OFA Chief Operating Officer

"If nobody is willing to do the work, there will be no dog shows."

Eddie Dziuk on OFA, CHIC and the Role of Health Testing

Eddie Dziuk is a behind the scenes kind of guy. But arguably no single individual is more responsible for providing the tools to improve the health of our purebred dogs. OFA and CHIC are invaluable resources which enable breeders to apply "selective genetic pressure *against* breeding abnormal results." Eddie Dziuk has led OFA for the last 16 years, including implementation and growth of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) originally envisioned by the delegate body. CHIC's "test and tell" protocol has enabled more than 100,000 dogs to earn a CHIC number. This voluntary program is not an award program, Dziuk reminds people.

It is not a stamp of approval, it's not about 'normalcy.' The key piece is that owners must be willing to disclose information," he adds, both normal and abnormal results.

It is this sharing of results that allows breeders to make more informed breeding decisions. "If you breed dogs long enough, you will produce animals with an inherited disease," Dziuk notes. "It’s about what are you doing up front and after the fact to address that reality."

Canine Health Foundation and CHIC

CHIC is co-sponsored by the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and focuses on empowering national parent clubs for each breed to establish the health protocols and testing best suited for each breed.

Most of the dogs we breed go to pet homes," Dziuk observed. "The most important thing for these folks is not the dog's tail set or how much stop it has, they just want a happy, healthy, long-lived faithful companion."

With that idea in mind, OFA is continuously looking at new testing protocols, developing new efforts that address far more than the orthopedic issues for which the organization was originally created nearly 50 years ago.

Background on Eddie Dzuik

Eddie Dziuk began his journey in purebred dogs in the mid-'70s by joining the Hagerstown Kennel Club before he even had a dog. He finished his first Beagle, down from Michelle Billings' Kings Creek breeding, and was hooked. He credits numerous mentors within the Beagle breed, as well as his work for professional handlers from Bob and Jane Forsyth to Tom and Andrea Glassford, for his long-term success in the sport and his breed.

Co-owner of not one, but two, Westminster Kennel Club BIS winners, Dziuk has more than held his own in the breeding and conformation arenas. Both Uno and Miss P, the modern Beagle winners at the Garden, find Dziuk’s breeding in their pedigrees. He talks about seeing both dogs at around six months and falling in love to the point that he’d "beg, borrow or steal" to be involved with their careers.

I believed in those dogs 100 percent, "Dziuk said. While Uno was an odds on favorite, Miss P was a complete surprise, he added. So much so that he missed her winning Tuesday night while on the road for work." I turned on the tv in the hotel room in Vegas just in time to watch her win," he observed with obvious dismay.

Encouragement for Owner Handlers

As a long time owner handler, Dziuk encourages owners to compete with their dogs. The top winning 13" Beagle of all time was a dog he showed himself on weekends only. He does note that times are different and the proliferation of dog shows means chasing records is much harder these days.

After 40 years of dogs, every dog show is still an opportunity to learn. It's a journey, "Dziuk said, "Embrace it." He also encourages sharing knowledge - whether through judging, belonging to a club, whatever it is.

Bill Shelton
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A Holistic Approach to Veterinarian Medicine

Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA attended the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical School and graduated with honors in 1990. Before attending medical school she attained a 5 year triple BA degree in biology, chemistry and physics. In 1998 she began her studies in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic modalities like homeopathy and pioneered the field of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy.(R)

More About Spark Education LLC with Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA

Dr. Nancy Brandt is acknowledged as a pioneer in the use of alternative medicine for animals that couples traditional veterinary medicine with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, and aromatherapy.

Dr. Brandt received her B.A. from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, graduating with a triple major in biology, chemistry and physics. She also completed her DVM at the University of Minnesota. She has completed post-doctoral work and holds certifications in acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, functional nutrition, herbology, and naturopathic alternatives. In recent years Dr. Brandt has created innovative healing practices using aromatherapy with essential oils..

Holistic veterinary medicine combines both conventional and alternative therapies for the individual animal. The holistic practitioner takes into consideration not only the patient's medical history, but also examines genetics, nutrition, environment, family relationships, stress levels, and many other factors. Holistic treatment begins by addressing the patient's whole current state of health even if it is only a routine examination. If the patient presents with a disease or an injury, the Veterinarian will take steps to ensure the animal is comfortable and out of pain and imminent danger. A holistic practitioner will often dig deeper and take steps to determine multiple causation factors and make appropriate recommendations for the patient's future good health. Sometimes integrative modalities can find causes not yet investigated by conventional practices.

In recent years, Dr. Brandt has become increasingly impressed with the healing and health benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils for the treatment of animals. Although the benefits of this approach for humans have been common knowledge for many centuries, it is only recently that it has been applied to animals. An early adapter of this healing technique, Dr. Brandt is the founding member of the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association and is a frequent lecturer on the subject. Dr. Brandt is known as the Pioneering Veterinarian in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy.

Dr. Brandt maintains a very busy practice in Las Vegas, Nevada where she makes her home.