Roxanne McDonald is an accomplished and visionary business strategist, with over 30 years of success in both operations and human resources management roles.   An intuitive listener and compelling communicator, Roxanne has earned a reputation as a creative, innovative problem solver who is adept at organizational analysis and diagnostics.  Her solutions have improved bottom line results through improved productivity, fiscal accountability, employee satisfaction, and training.  Her expertise includes � policy and process design, organizational development, change management, leadership coaching, team building, recruitment and training. Roxanne is driven by her ability to help organizations and individuals flourish.  Her high standards and commitment to excellence have enabled Roxanne to build lasting relationships, effect win/win solutions, and exceed client expectations.

Specifically on the travel front, Roxanne has been on 56 cruises with 362 days at sea visiting 42 countries. Joining Expedia CruiseShipCenters in 2005, Roxanne was one of the initial consultants at the Brooklin Store, influencing the growth and development of the team. In 2010, Roxanne took on the role of Cruise Sales Manager and has grown the team to 33 members with her recruitment, training and ongoing coaching and proudly acknowledges the teams success of being in the top 10% of centers across the country. In 2017, Roxanne decided to retire from her management role to spend time wintering in Florida where she continues to work with our group and the rest of her client base.  
My goal is simply to organize and offer for all breeders the tools to help educate and become a strong team for the betterment of our breeds and make decisions on research and facts and not hearsay and gossip.  My strong background in Customer Service for 20 years, and  background with cruising, while working  with Expedia Cruiseshipcenters , also working with various breeds within the Sporting Group in field, obedience, conformation, therapy work etc., give my experience  a complete package. My personal passion is being a caregiver with Seniors and Rescue Dogs.  Being a Foster Mom for many years with "Tiny Paws" has given me a completed picture of what pet enthusiasts need.

The Canine Seminar at Sea has no profit margin, and all funds go directly into making these cruises the most spectacular and informative as possible.


Forty years ago my first Irish Setter opened a door down a path,  where you wrote out an entry form and sent it through Postal Service.  Pedigrees were written by hand to the CKC and all new puppy owners.  Ultrasounds on expected moms were not routine and frozen semen was only available through farm animals. We had no internet. Dog shows were family times when breeders supported one another.  Politics were still in the game, however Handlers were not as plentiful and evenings were camping with other breeders and judges chatting about daily events  There were no such things as unlimited calling to speak with friends/breeders, limited to dog shows and mail to reach out for guidance.

Our Irish Setters were through Wynfield and Draharine Lines, our English Setters were Burgandyrun breeding and our Gordon Setters were Mac Alder, All of which we were proud to own  and show.  Our  best children's companion was Field Springer's where weekends were spent hunting  pheasants. Lord, I'm feeling old.

Presently Golden Retrievers have captured my heart and it ceases to amaze me the multiple situations they excel in within a family environment.  Although we are presently in 2015 with access to internet, CKC offering  On line registration and show info, K9 data for retrievers with research more accessible.  More options available to keep our breeds health and lectures offered occasionally throughout the country.  Also shocking at the number of changes to various breeds far from the original standard and poor number of changes to various breeds far from the original standard and poor knowledge of judges to encourage flashy not functional breeds.  Breeders, exhibitors and handlers not working together as a team for the better of the breed.  Yes there are some exceptions however not the norm strictly speaking from personal experience.